A downloadable game

The dead have risen and now wander among us! Shoot the coffins to put them back in their place!
Use left and right arrow to move
Shoot the coffins with the space bar.


Assets.zip 78 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file, unzip it and double click the app to run the game!


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The controls are decent and the art is great but the combination didn't go so well. I can tell (by looking at the scripts) that you may not be an experienced developer. And if so, this is great for someone with not a lot of experience, but there isn't much of a game loop. It might be a bug from me but nothing happens besides skeletons and bones falling and you being able to shoot them. There isn't much stopping you from just doing nothing, there isn't a reward / penalty system. It would also be nice if you figured out a way to make the ground move with the skeletons almost as if you are walking and have to dodge them. Another thing is that will change your game is the environment. Since there are bones and skeletons, a night time scene would highly boost the feel of the environment. Another to help would be post-processing. I won't do too much explaining but it will definitely help to add some vignette and bloom. One last thing is that I don't really see the theme in here.. Overall it was pretty easy to control and the art looked great! I'm so happy you took part in this jam!


First of all thank you so much for playing my prototype! You are right, I am not an experienced developer and it's the first time I make a "game" in unity. 

I learned some coding recently and I wanted to check what could I do with that!

I am really happy of your feedback and it's really helpful :)

Ps: happy new year!

It’s pretty impressive for a first game! Keep working and you will become an amazing developer. Best of wishes and happy new year!