This is the story of a really special

Fate wants you to make an important decision every ten years that will change the course of events. Choose wisely because life is only one and you don't know what else is in it!


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This game is 100% accurate: I'm a boring guy.

This is an interesting idea. I liked seeing the images of how "I" changed as I got older.


Hi dibit, thanks for playing my game!
I really wanted to make more accurate images but unluckily I ran out of time and I've not been able to do everything I wanted to do.
The "boring" ending is easy to reach, there are other 2 a bit harder to find!

In spite of giving an obviously feminine name, I got a masculine persona. Perhaps the way you put the pronouns into the text needs fixing? Though personally I don't think pronouns are such a big deal.

Hi, thanks for your feedback!
I might have made this mistake because at the start I had a different idea fot the project, next time I'll be more careful

I keep getting the same ending, despite making different choices.  Is that meant to happen?  Is it supposed to be symbolic of life being meaningless, no matter what you try?  I mean, if that's the case... #mood.

First of all, thanks for playing my game!

There's an ending easy to reach, but there are other 2 ending that are more tricky to get! 

It makes me think that maybe the other 2 ending are too hard to get, but I will try to get more feedbacks!